Lake Basin Innovation & Investments Week (LBIIW)
Conference 2021

November, 16-19, 2021

Our Theme

Achieving Dynamic, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems During the Covid-1 9 Pandemic in the Lake Basin Region.

Sub Themes

Rethinking economic strategies

What strategies can be harnessed by stakeholders and actors to buffer entrepreneurs and innovators as the most vulnerable economic actors, especially in the face of shocks of economic downturn during Covid?

Pivoting to impact investments

What new impact-oriented business models and digital technologies employed currently in the region hold the potential to change the ways in which MSMEs and innovators are supported?

Future of work as a path to sustainable development.

Are entrepreneurship and innovation support programs key in promoting sustainable development and creating decent employment in the Lake basin region?

Adaptable infrastructural development

Are the available and future infrastructure projects targeted towards supporting the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem effective?

LBIIW 2021

About the Event

LBIIW is an annual entrepreneurship and innovation gathering that convenes entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, policymakers, government, development agencies and other ecosystem players; to spur economic growth of the Lake Victoria Basin, through innovative business models, digitization, SME financing and local manufacturing.

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