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The Lake Basin Business Leaders Awards recognizes entrepreneurial initiatives that take innovative approaches adopted by entrepreneurs in the region in realizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Which is in line with this year’s theme of “Promoting Innovation for Sustainable Development in the Lake Basin Region”.

Our 2019 award will focus on innovative solutions in line with the sub-themes for this year’s forum.

We’re looking for business-minded organizations and entrepreneurs that are adopting tools, technologies, and approaches that are making their delivery of value to customers sustainable and socially beneficial.

Ventures must be anchored on one or two of these sub-themes.

  • Innovative Value Chains in Agriculture
  • Youth Economic Empowerment & Future of Work
  • Strategic Partnerships and Governance
  • Harnessing Maritime Transport for Youth Employment
  • Deepening Financial Access through Innovation
  • Citizen-Centric Service Delivery
  • Sustainable Local Solution for Regional Development

The finalists will be given trophies, tokens and recognition and, depending on the nature, scope, and needs of the enterprise, non-financial contributions such as coaching and technical advice from Winam Capital, Lakehub, Fablab Winam, and other supporting agencies.


We encourage enterprises that fit the above-described scope and meet the below criteria to apply:

  • Level of maturity: We are looking for enterprises established as formal start-ups or companies, growing and on a clear path to full or partial financial sustainability (e.g. if only some operations are commercially based) but not dependent on grants (or other support) to improve their business model and/or reach full financial sustainability.
  • Innovation and technology focus: Leverage technology or innovation in product or service delivery to deliver value to your clients or in your business processes.
  • Mission and purpose: Have a strong overall purpose while using innovative commercial mechanisms to achieve sustainability and scale.
  • Target group: Serve customers in the Lake Basin Region and beyond while sourcing raw materials from the 14 counties that form the bloc. Candidates should have a deep understanding of their end-users’ specific circumstances and address the issues they face.
  • Geography: Must be based or at least 80% of its operations conducted in the region.


The selection process starts with an online form. As and when candidates “make the cut” where we’ll ask them to provide more information and address increasingly detailed inquiries about their enterprises.


  • Entrepreneur of the year
  • Young Entrepreneur of the year
  • Female Entrepreneur of the year
  • Emerging Entrepreneur of the year
  • PWD Entrepreneur of the year
  • Kid-preneur of the year


  • Application and nomination open 15th Sept 2019.
  • Nominations close 31st October 2019.
  • Voting Begins on 1st November 2019.
  • Voting Ends 15th November 2019.


Log on to to apply for 2019 The Lake Basin Business Leaders Award, complete the online questionnaire about your enterprise by 31st October 2019, 23:59 GMT.

Only applications completed in English and submitted by this deadline will be considered. If you have questions or need guidance, you’re welcome to contact us at

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