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What you need to know as an exhibitor

Allocation of Exhibition Space

The Organizers shall allocate the space in accordance with the nature of exhibits or in any manner they may deem fit. The Organizers shall reserve the right to change the space allocated to the Exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the erection of the working space/unit of the Exhibitor should exceptional circumstances demand and, to alter the space to transfer or close entrances and exits to the Exhibition facilities and to undertake other structural alterations as they may deem fit. Such changes shall be at the discretion of the Organizers and the Exhibitor shall have no claim for compensation as a result of such changes.

Use of Exhibition Space

Exhibitors are entitled to exhibit only the announced products and to man the exhibits only with competent personnel during the opening hours of the Exhibition. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse admittance to any visitor to the Exhibition or to have access to any stand. Exhibitors are not allowed to sub-let or assign the working space allotted to them to other parties either wholly or in part without the written consent of the Organizers. Exhibitors will be liable for any damage to the walls or to any part of the Exhibition hall or space in which their exhibits are placed and shall not paint or otherwise alter the floors, ceilings, pillars, walls and street furniture without the prior consent of the Organizers.

Terms of Payment

a. Payment for participation at the exhibition and services – The Exhibitor shall pay the full amount of the invoice via bank transfer, cash, mobile money transfer or cheque, within 14 days from the date of an invoice and in case when a registration for an exhibition took place in less than 30 days before the start day of the exhibition, the total fee is to be paid on the same or next consecutive day.
All banking charges are to be covered by the Exhibitor.
If the full balance is not paid within the stated payment term, LBIIW can’t guarantee an allocated space and any applicable discounts. If payment is not received by the exhibition opening the Exhibitor has to pay a 1% penalty calculated from the full amount of the booked exhibition participation, products and services per every overdue day excluding discount(s).
b. Cancellation of bookings – If, after booking participation at the exhibition and services the Exhibitor shall desire to cancel their booking, they must give written notice to LBIIW that they desire to do so. A cancellation fee of 50% of the total charge for the booking can be refunded to Exhibitors if the cancellation was officially made not later than 90 days before the start date of the exhibition.
No refund will be given for bookings of exhibition canceled within the 90 days before the start date of the exhibition. The cancellation of bookings for advertising online is non-refundable.
c. If you send us your cancellation in writing, cancellation is not immediate, LBIIW will respond to you within 24 hours of receipt of your e-mail. Please take this 24 hour turnaround time into consideration when putting your cancellation in writing.
d. Bankruptcy or liquidation – In the event of the Exhibitor becoming bankrupt or (being a company) entering into liquidation other than for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation, or having a receiver appointed, LBIIW shall be at liberty to terminate forthwith the contract with such an Exhibitor and to cancel the allotment of exhibition space to the Exhibitor, and all sums paid by the Exhibitor under the contract shall be forfeited.
e. In case of default of payment of the Exhibitor is entitled to claim interest at a rate of annual 20% for the full balance.
f. Should the Exhibitor fail to observe or comply with any of the terms and conditions contained herein or if the Exhibitor shall fail to pay any of the participation, product or service fee at the time and in the manner aforesaid, then the Organizers may thereupon by written notice given to the Exhibitor rescind the contract.

The exhibitions fees listed as follows:
  • Corporate Exhibitors: KES 100,000 for five days
  • SMEs: KES 25,000 for five days (For one Mid Size Enterprise)

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